About me

I am a certified coach, specialising in career transition and international mobility.

My career has spanned more than a decade in international finance and project management, always with the goal of making an impact and feeling fulfilled. It is as a coach that I now feel the concrete impact on a daily basis and the stimulation that allow me to develop professionally.

To get where I am now, I went through several intentional career and personal transitions: moving from the private to public sector, relocating to another continent, navigating a new culture and language in my workplace, moving from a large international company to a start-up, becoming self-employed, and learning a completely new skill after years in the working world.

I have lived in several countries, including the United States, Cambodia and Mali, before settling in Berlin where I have been living for the last 5 years. I have learned to integrate, communicate and work with people across widely diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, in four languages (French, English, German, Spanish).

I had to ask myself many difficult questions to find my place. I know how it feels. Now, I want to support others going through the same process.

Sophie Delannoy Coaching Career transition and Expatriation


I first studied political science and finance at Sciences-Po in Paris.

I trained in coaching at the Dialogue Coach school in 2018 and am certified by the SPMC (French "Professional Association of Coaching Professionals").

I am supervised in my practice to ensure high quality of support to my clients.

My mission: to accompany people in transition

My experiences have regularly led me to question my life and career choices and to have to make choices:
+ What to do when my job doesn't suit me, but I don't know what I want to do?
+ How do I dare leave a comfortable situation even if it's unfulfilling?
+ How do I find a job abroad?
+ How do I find my place and integrate in a new country?

A transition period, whether professional or geographical, can be uncomfortable and being well-supported makes a difference.

With coaching, I wish to help other expatriates and professionals through their life and career transitions. Discover their testimonies.

What I offer

Through individual coaching, I help people clarify their goals and objectives, make decisions and take concrete action towards finding a professional life that fulfills them.

I organize group workshops to revisit one's career path and prepare for the next step in a fun and creative way: the "Tree of my professional life" workshops.

I also individually coach people in their career shifts as a partner coach of the Chance program.

Sophie Delannoy Coaching Career transition and Expatriation